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Low Vision Exams

What is a Low Vision Exam?

A Low Vision Exam is a visual function exam by which an Optometrist evaluates a patient's visual status and functioning following vision loss/visual field loss.

What to expect during a Low Vision Exam?

You will be asked for a complete personal and family health history including eye health. The optometrist will discuss any functional problems with the patient, including issues with tasks such as reading,writing,driving,household chores like cooking and laundry, caring for one's self and hygiene like shaving, hair grooming and dressing.  In addition the doctor will inquire about workplace function and hobbies and interests and goals for your remaining sight. 

Preliminary assessments may include  testing vision,  color vision and contrast sensitivity using special low vision test charts to determine the level of vision impairment. Visual fields may also be evaluated. A specialized refraction will be performed and each eye will likely be dilated and examined.

Once the level of impairment is determined the Optometrist may recommend and prescribes glasses, specialty devices and provide information on resources available to the visually impaired.

Who is a Candidate for a Low Vision Exam?

Anyone experiencing from vision loss or poor visual functioning from eye diseases or injury such as Diabetic RetinopathyGlaucoma, Macular DegenerationRetinitis Pigmentosa.