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Cataract and Refractive Surgery Co-management

At The Mind-Eye Connection we can work with your Refractive Surgery surgeons to help you achieve the best ocular surgical outcomes. We perform pre-operative evaluations to gather information needed by your Ophthalmologist to determine and set expectations for your eye surgery whether you are having LASIK, LASEK, PRK, E-Lasik,CK or cataract removal as well as post-operative co-management.

Post-operative co-management begins following your surgery. We will follow you 1-day after your surgery,ƒ 1 week, ƒ 1 month, and ƒ 3 months. ƒ Additionally, the patient may be seen at 9-12 months, or as needed if any concerns or complications. We will remain in contact with your surgeon regarding your progress and any changes in your condition. At each visit your eyes and vision will be assessed. At 3 months a dilated exam will typically occur.